province Negotino, North Macedonia

in province Negotino you can refuel in the following settlements:


Fuel/Price Unleaded 95 Diesel LPG Unleaded 98
average price for the country 90,00 MKD/l 90,00 MKD/l 52,56 MKD/l 92,00 MKD/l
Average for Negotino 90,00 MKD/l 90,00 MKD/l 53,00 MKD/l 92,00 MKD/l
Makpetrol Makpetrol Negotino (highway) Неготино Автопат Неготино-Гевгелија Гевгелија A95 DSL LPG A98 DSL+
Makpetrol Makpetrol Negotino 2 Неготино Автопат Гевгелија-Велес бб Неготино A95 DSL LPG A98 DSL+